Make your own history


Passion leads to innovation like night follows the day. That's our history. A collection of unique statements, waiting to be brought to life by same passionate spirits.

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Live your own legend


The biker jacket. Adopted by diverse cultures across decades, it is a universal symbol of the free spirit. From rockers and rebels to the avant-garde.

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Untamed creativity


Soft drum-dyed premium leathers. A unique manual brushing technique. Refinements created and printed exclusively for us by NY artist Othelo Gervacio.

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Leather meets technology

Boots & Gloves

The design of traditional bike gloves enhanced by unequalled revolutionary protections. Bootmaking tradition meeting innovation. Quality and strength that only Dainese Settantadue can deliver.

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Comfort and safety combined


Materials declare a motorcycling soul, while a manual process makes every garment different. From t-shirts to denim.

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With you, everywhere


From coffee mugs to leather belts, we got you covered.

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