Toga72 Motorcycle Riding Jacket

The Toga72 is a modern-day interpretation of one of Dainese’s first racing jackets – the Toga. We have recreated this historical and elegant motorcycle riding jacket with today’s best materials and technologies. This jacket captures all the beauty of the original design with the technological advancements of the modern day.

  • Size 44–60
  • Colors White (sleeve), red, black
  • Pocket For G1 and G2 Back Protector
  • Protection Removable Pro Armor soft protectors for the shoulder and elbow
  • Extra Jacket-Trousers connection on loop



The Perfect Marriage Between Style and Technological Innovation

Experience the legendary cut of the Toga72, seamlessly integrated with removable Pro Armor protection for shoulders and elbows. Riders now have the best of both worlds.


  • Main Material Authentic Cowhide Leather
  • Lining Printed Cotton with genuine artwork and artistry
  • Protection Certified Standard EN 1621.1
  • Zip Vislon

Live Your Moment

Let the Toga72 transport you back to the 70s.
It’s you and your bike.
Nothing but the purr of the engine and the wind in your hair.
Take those curves with authority.
Live the future in style by honoring your past.

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