A “freccia” is an arrow. A symbol of speed and direction. Freccia is the direction we chose for this jacket. Let’s discover its design secrets!

A classic and simple design, the arrow represents many fundamental human values and truths. Whether it stands for harmony, conflict, or personal progress, the arrow is a time-honoured symbol that almost everyone can relate to. More than just a graphical symbol used to point or indicate direction, it is in its simplest form a line segment with a triangle on one end. Multiple arrows, such as those on the back of Agostini’s suit, or on Freccia 72, traditionally stand for being very fast as well.

Freccia72 brings you the three distinctive symbols that our legendary racers made famous. Dainese’s twin horizontal bands, vertical stripes down the sleeves and arrow stripes on the back. The latter, from the iconic racing suit of Giacomo Agostini, which had a very special rainbow-coloured arrow patch. OF course, it showed its pride in winning the MotoGP world title for seven years in a row: 1966-67-68-69-70-71-72, plus again in 1975!

Freccia72 takes Dainese history and brings it into the present. With integrated removable Pro Armor protection, superior quality cowhide and a superb fit, it is also the perfect travelling companion. It comes in three exceptional colours: red with white stripes, blue with white stripes or for those who love the all-black classics, a black on black option too. The lining reproduces historical Dainese racing suits, reminders of Freccia72’s origins. Not least of all, it is also provided in a cut expressly tailored for women riders who love to ride at wind speed.