The Toga 72 jacket is a faithful reproduction of a vintage suit from the Dainese archive. Design secrets lie behind the curtains of the white/red leather. We will uncover them one by one.

The original Toga model belonged to the second half of the 1970s. It stayed in production until the early 80s, but the very first that we see in the pics belong to Massimo Ceccarelli. He was a Tuscan guy who used it to ride his motorbike in 1978. Not a pro rider, but a close acquaintance of Lino Dainese. The cowhide suit had a regular cut and was handmade in Molvena with Italian leathers from Arzignano. It had no composite protectors but only many layers of leather and foam. The most significant novelty was the colour that was introduced in racing suits in the mid-70s, whereas before they were all black.

A typical prerogative of Dainese in the 70s was the coloured lining, as most suits were unlined. Moreover, collar buttons and Lycra behind the head added comfort to the very first folded sleeves, and precursors of body ergonomics. Toga had the same design Dainese gave to all the racing pilots of the world. Small but not small detail, being it a custom suit, you could choose whether to have an inner or outer zip closure.

Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and fly back to the 70s. It’s just you and your motorbike. The engine is roaring in the wind. Feel the smell of tarmac and oil as you carve through the curves. One after another. Intense, infinite moments. Now open your eyes and look to the future. Toga72 takes the design of the very first Dainese’s racing suits and recreates it with today’s materials and technologies. Past and present come together in unique details, such as distinctive cuts and removable Pro Armor protection for shoulders and elbows.